Slogan and T-Shirt

Observe. Build. Share. Repeat.This year the IA Summit’s theme is about collaborating with people outside of the discipline. Based on this theme and the program selected by our volunteer team, the co-chairs decided to develop a slogan together. Together they came up with a variation on Eric Reis’ Lean Startup methodology, which includes the cycle of “Learn, Build, Measure.”

We felt that something was missing from the cycle. The step where we openly share what we learn, build, and measure with the rest of our communities of practice. So we added (or modified) a step. And we liked it so much, we decided to put it on a fantastically designed, high quality t-shirt.

The IA Summit Shirt FrontThe t-shirt of the 2013 IA Summit was graciously designed by our final evening keynote Scott Thomas, AKA “Simple Scott.” Scott’s no stranger to beautiful design. Scott is best known for his work as the Design Director on the 2008 Barack Obama Presidential Campaign, as well his highly successful book Designing Obama (check out our interview). Recently, Scott has earned recognition as one of the co-creators behind the Noun Project, an ambitious project aimed at establishing a shared visual language for every human being on the planet.

Printed by United Pixelworkers

The t-shirt is being printed by United Pixelworkers. Known for producing beautiful t-shirts for and about the people that make the web, United Pixelworkers is in one of our favorite rust belt cities, Pittsburgh. United Pixelworkers provides a shopping experience that is as enjoyable and elegant as the shirts they have for sale. We’re thrilled to work with them, and we encourage you to check them out and sport any one of their many fantastic designs.

We’re beyond excited to add this beautiful shirt to 2013 conference experience. Volunteers will be wearing the special red edition. The black edition will only be for sale at the Summit in limited supply. Grab yours while we have them!