Taxonomy for App Makers

Saturday, April 6 2013

10:15 AM

Users of all kinds increasingly access online data through mobile devices, both in native applications and on responsive websites. As a profession, we’ve eagerly embraced the changes that mobile contexts bring to interaction design. Our approach to higher-level organization, however, is still deeply influenced by the habits we learned from designing for the fixed-width web.

This talk explores the changing role of taxonomy work in the world of mobile application design and development. We will discuss the types of taxonomies used in traditional web work and see how a careful re-envisioning of these tools can lead to a stronger and more flexible mobile-aware development cycle. We will also see how using tailored taxonomy work can be used to create cohesion and consistency across an entire information ecosystem.

Andy Fitzgerald

PhotoAndy Fitzgerald (@andybywire) is a Senior User Experience designer at Deloitte Digital’s Übermind Studio in Seattle. Andy’s recent work focuses primarily on mobile, but he has spent the better part of a decade massaging truculent bits of information into difficult digital spaces. Andy thrives on making the unwieldy intuitive and on finding elegant solutions to complex problems. His passions in UX are for information architecture, user research, and content strategy.