The Big Challenges of Small Data

Sunday, April 7 2013

10:45 AM

Everyone is talking about big data. Yet your life is filled with small data problems: your office, your phone, your kitchen, and much more. While big data is a big challenge, it’s a big challenge for organizations. When it comes to everyday people and their everyday lives, the big challenge is small data.

What is small data and how do we design for it?

This talk will show how dealing with small data means understanding how people are connected to their environment. This is an embodied interaction perspective. It’s not about the information, or the person, or the environment. It’s about how people are embedded in, and interact with, their environment. Drawing from research on embodiment, distributed cognition, and natural user interfaces, this talk will identify key concepts for rethinking the everyday challenge of small data.

Karl Fast

PhotoKarl Fast is a professor of User Experience Design at Kent State University, where he teaches information architecture, information visualization, and human-computer interaction. He is a frequent speaker at UX conferences and a founding member of the Information Architecture Institute. He’s also Canadian.