The F Word… FAIL

Sunday, April 7 2013

10:45 AM

This four-letter word is praised publicly as something we should do often, and fast. But are we showcasing it with our clients and our colleagues? It is easy to show a refined product and a series of process sketches, but to curate and include genuine failures and not just sanitized process is just as important to build lasting relationships. This is scary to do and something our field struggles with in practice, despite the best intentions.

Documenting failure doesn’t need to be scary. I’ll share benefits of being transparent about our failures within our teams and with our clients. This won’t be 40 minutes of rote presentation. You will have a chance to pinpoint experiences of your own and will leave with an understanding on how to use these lessons to advance your projects rather than act as a blemish.

David Farkas

PhotoDavid (@dafark8) is an Interaction Designer out of Philadelphia, PA. A consultant with a variety of financial, medical, and industrial experience, he is no stranger to failure and the need to be aware of the characteristics of different verticals. A lover of workflow, his ideal situation is a stack of post-its and Sharpies and a blank whiteboard (and a good beer). Process happens through transparency and conversation, not a rote recipe.

David graduated from Carnegie Mellon with degrees in Design and HCI, worked with PNC Bank, Electronic Ink, Bresslergroup and is currently with Tamman Technologies.