Designing for Kids

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Please note this workshop has been cancelled.

Our sincerest apologies if you were interested in attending this workshop. Please choose another from our amazing selection!

Morning Workshop – 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Come immerse yourself in the fascinating, unpredictable world of kids and design! In this interactive workshop, you’ll not only learn principles, patterns and techniques for designing digital experiences for kids, you’ll learn how to apply these when designing for adult audiences as well.

What We’ll Cover:

  1. Tools, techniques and ideas for creating apps and sites for kids ages 2-12
  2. Ways to incorporate the element of “play” in the experiences you design
  3. Privacy, safety and security issues around communication and social media
  4. Mobile and gestural interface patterns for kids of different ages
  5. Tips on using the principles of designing for kids with all audiences

Debra Gelman

Debra Gelman is a researcher, designer and strategist in the field of interactive children’s media. She has worked with PBS Sprout, Scholastic, Crayola, Pepperidge Farm, Campbell’s Soup, Georgia Public Television and other companies to create sites, mobile apps and virtual worlds for kids. Deb led the research and user experience for Planet Orange — a site designed to teach 1st through 6th graders financial literacy — which won a USA Today Education “Best Bet” award. An author and speaker, Deb’s book, “Design for Kids,” will be published by Rosenfeld Media in early 2013.