Realify Your Secret Idea with Lean Startup Methods: Make a Product in 3 Hours

Wednesday, April 3 2013

Morning Workshop – 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Admit it. Inside you there is a secret product idea. Maybe you have notes scribbled in your notebook, a few comps, or even built some code. Yet it falls prey to that deadly statement: “Someday, when I have more time…”

That day is today. In an action-packed 180 minutes, you’ll “realify” it: get that idea out and into the world. This session is about skill-building through personal expression; a structured and engaging way to get hands-on with design methods from the Lean UX / Lean Startup world and explore an idea that is personally meaningful.

You’ll learn & practice: rapid sketching, provisional personas, value propositions, feature-storming, actionable metrics and minimum viable product concepting. These techniques are directly and immediately applicable to UX design in the enterprise, startups and mid-sized companies.

I know. It sounds impossible in 3 hours, but it’s totally doable. And hella fun. Come ready to participate, learn and share your passion!

Kate Rutter

Photo of Kate RutterCo-Founder and Principal at LUXr

Kate is a strategist/designer with a talent for bringing early-stage companies and customers together through lean strategies, inventive design and participatory practices.

At LUXr, Kate leads product UX, strategy and development, creating innovative ways for startup entrepreneurs to envision, experiment and deliver amazing products. She believes that every person has a product idea that can be made great and drive a sustaining livelihood.

Prior to LUXr, Kate was at Adaptive Path, where she specialized in bringing customer empathy and collaborative UX practices to companies big and small.

She is a rampant sketcher and wouldn’t be caught dead without a deck of stickynotes.